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Why You Need the Top Lawyers

Abraham Lincoln said “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Our team shares Mr. Lincoln’s appreciation and understanding of the importance of preparation and planning. It is this appreciation that forms the basis of our being able to deliver innovative legal solutions which make practical and commercial sense and deliver legal certainty.

What We Are Expert At

Legal Practice Areas

Commercial Law

We have significant experience and understanding in all aspects of Commercial Law which includes the drafting of agreements, the structuring of transactions and litigating in relation to commercial matters. This is underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of the Law and our years of experience.

B-BBEE Transactions

Insofar as BBBEE is concerned, we have a clear understanding of the legislation and codes. We have dealt extensively with the structuring of various BBBEE transactions from both an implementation and advice perspective.


All aspects of litigation and alternative dispute resolutions are dealt with by our firm, with specific emphasis being placed on a solutions based outcome. We have appeared in all forums from the Magistrates Court to the Constitutional Court as well as various tribunals and regulatory bodies. We have also acted on behalf of our clients in jurisdictions such as Mauritius, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

Competition Law

We are able to assist and advise insofar as mergers and acquisitions are concerned as well as offer advice on prohibited activities. We have also dealt with and have also appeared before the Commission on behalf of our Clients.

Information Technology Law

We able to assist in drafting agreements relating to information technology transactions and understand the various aspects of and implications of the Copyright Act, Act No. 98 of 1978.

Property Law/ Matters

Sim Attorneys Inc. is able to offer advice and service in respect of all Conveyancing and Property related transactions. This includes the full spectrum of legal services that are required whether you are involved in buying or selling a commercial property or your home. Additionally, we are able to offer advice in relation to all aspects of commercial developments as well as draft the necessary construction related agreements that are required for and in respect of such commercial developments. Our property team is also able to assist and advise you with, amongst others, rezoning applications and all matters relating to sectional schemes.


We are able to offer advice relating to the structuring and implementation of finance related transactions as well as the implementation and structuring of all credit related transactions.


We have assisted Clients in terms of offshore structures as well as with the registering of and structuring of international companies within South Africa including ensuring that: - the share certificates properly reflect the offshore ownership (allowing for the repatriation of dividends); - loan funds can be repaid.

Forensic Investigations

We have conducted a number of forensic investigations for and on behalf our Clients in relation to specially the implementation and compliance with supply chain management policies and procedures and the prevailing legislation.

Legal Opinions

Insofar as legal opinions are concerned we have provided opinions in relation to, amongst others, BBBEE matters, competition law matters, administrative and public law issues; labour matters, construction related matters.


We are involved in the recovery of funds for and on behalf of our Clients, which endeavors include the institution of civil claims, applications, liquidations and sequestrations.

Collection Matters

We currently deal with in excess of 1500 collection matters.

Corporate Governance

We are able to advise on all aspects of Corporate Governance. We are able to draft board charters, resolutions and policies relating to all activities within the corporate environment.

Administrative Law

We have dealt extensively with the PFMA, PPPA and various Treasury Regulations. We have assisted our clients with effective supply chain management as well as the bringing of review applications to challenge administrative decisions.

Tax Matters

In terms of Tax, and Tax related matters, we are able to assist our Clients in dealing with queries from SARS as well as in respect of appeals, objections and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. We are also able to offer our Clients advice relating to the implementation of import and export related transactions.

Labour Law

We have a dedicated labour team headed up by an experienced attorney of 19 years’ experience in labour relations matters and have over the last 19 years provided the full spectrum of labour law/industrial relations services.


We believe that cannabis could indeed be South Africa’s green gold. We are able to assist you in commercialising the opportunities presented by the cannabis industry. Our team is able to provide focussed legal advice and solutions relating to:

  • Cannabis Corporate & Intellectual Property law;
  • Licensing and Compliance;
  • Recreational Cannabis law;
  • Commercial litigation;
  • Offtake agreements;
  • Criminal prosecutions.